Our solutions give you peace of mind by ensuring that your business will keep operating no matter what. We can customize solutions to make your workplace as efficient and economical as it can be.

Storage Solutions

Business Continuity (High Availability)

Technology has become the foundation to modern business. Do you know how greatly downtime affects your bottom line and productivity? On top of hardware and software repair and replacement costs, companies also have to pay for the lost minutes and hours of work. Add in client dissatisfaction and the cost of lost data, and it’s easy to see how quickly costs can spiral out of control.

The answer: Keep your business up and running with a built-in failover that mitigates downtime altogether. With our business continuity and high availability solutions, your business has nothing to fear.

Cloud Solutions

The cloud makes life easier for many companies. With so many varied uses – from email to backup recovery and storage – the cloud’s automated packages are perfect for organizations of all sizes. Cloud technology simplifies updates and allows for seamless data restoration. And one of the greatest things? You know exactly where your money is going, down to details about server and storage usage by application. All the guesswork is eliminated to ensure complete transparency. It flexes to meet changing storage and compute needs, so your company only pays for what you use as you need it.


Server Virtualization

If you haven’t explored server virtualization yet, it’s time to step into the future. With the ability to reduce the number of new hardware purchases, companies can decrease data center heating, cooling, and management costs. With server virtualization backing your data center, your company can accelerate performance by running multiple apps on a single machine. This technology provides a higher, more versatile solution at a lower TCO. In addition, your company can do more using fewer machines by sharing resources between servers. Hello agility, goodbye high OpEx!

Storage Virtualization

It takes a lot of effort to manage an entire storage environment. But by utilizing the latest technology, our team enables you to supercharge your existing storage assets while offering new features and capabilities that simplify control and management. Our team can help you virtualize your existing storage assets and introduce new features that will boost your storage performance. Automated storage tiering algorithmically moves data between slower and faster storage tiers. This gives you the best bang for your storage buck spent by putting less-used data and applications on slower, cheaper storage and higher-utilized data applications on the fastest, more expensive storage.

With the ability to more economically and more efficiently store more data than physical storage, virtualization helps mitigate the cost of data growth, reduces the dollars spent on new hardware purchases, and decreases data center heating, cooling, and management costs. Did we mention that you don’t need to rip and replace your existing storage environment to do this? We are helping take your past storage investments even further.

Software Solutions

Software For Business

What’s your vision for your organization? Your industry? Your world? On a smarter planet, software is changing how we live. Software and High Plains Technology can help you solve your greatest challenges and create new opportunities – all for the sake of building new capabilities that have the power to transform the way your company does business. After all, a smarter planet calls for smarter software. High Plains offers packaged software and custom-developed software depending on the company needs.

Collaboration Software

Email is the lifeline of business. It connects co-workers and clients alike. From unified and real-time communications to video chat, instant messaging, version control document sharing, and beyond – collaboration software is charting new ground for today’s communication-savvy business model.

Application Acceleration

Applications breathe life into your enterprise by empowering the day-to-day work lives of your employees. With applications that are tailored to your company’s needs, you can enable your workforce to perform at a faster, more efficient pace and cut out a number of brain-numbing, manual tasks. From a wide array of industries – like manufacturing, distribution, finance, banking, and others – to specialized workloads – such as VDI, business intelligence, web, database apps, and more – our teams can create the perfect solution for your specific business needs.

Other IT Business Solutions

Content Management

Have you explored the benefits of electronic document storage and management? Securely access stored documents from any place, at any time. Confidently search for specific words, regardless of indexes, and add in workflow ad hoc or automatically. With documents securely stored electronically, businesses can even take a copy offsite to complete a disaster recovery plan.

Content management solutions help simplify the creation, delivery, and management of content and documents. We offer three unique options: browser, Windows, and Power-i based solutions. Content management solutions allow users to do everything from host and share content to edit, publish, and modify through a central interface. Carrying unique features and a heavy importance, each solution can run seamlessly in a desktop background.

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